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5 Ways to Treat Neuropathy Symptoms Safely

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Neuropathy diagnosis

According to the National Institutes of Health, an estimated 20 million people in the United States have some form of peripheral neuropathy. While the cause of neuropathy isn’t always apparent, many suffer from this condition as a result of traumatic injuries, metabolic problems, infections, exposure to toxins, and, most commonly, diabetes. Find relief from these 5 complementary and alternative therapies. (Alternative therapies are drug-free treatments that are non-invasive and are founded on the idea that the body will work to heal itself.)


Why Does Neuropathy Happen?

Numbness, tingling, limited-range of motion, inflammation, chronic pain, weakness, tremors and more. Do any of these symptoms sound familiar? If so, you could be dealing with peripheral neuropathy. This is an umbrella term meaning “nerve damage or defect” and it happens to about 20 million people in the United States at any given time. When an injury or nerve compression happens in your body, this puts pressure on a major peripheral nerve. The peripheral nerves are all the nerves that branch out from your brain and spinal cord, and the nerves that help you feel and interpret everything around you.


When injuries happen, nerves can be damaged and no longer work correctly. Chronic conditions such as HIV, AIDS, hypothyroidism, tumors, kidney disease and more can cause it. However, so can nutritional imbalances, vitamin deficiencies, alcohol use, poor posture, and daily habits. No matter the cause of your neuropathy symptoms, most of our patients tend to find relief through therapies such as chiropractic adjustments, electrostimulation, nutritional assessments, celluma light therapy and body wraps.



Chiropractic Adjustment

Our facility specializes in natural healing methods to jump-start the body’s healing process. When it comes to neuropathy symptoms, the body has an amazing ability to heal itself if the problem is a misaligned, slipped disc or compressed nerve. When your back and spine follow normal alignment, pressure is even throughout your back and on all your nerves. With gentle, focused chiropractic adjustments, we put the spine back in line. If your neuropathy symptoms were caused by this misalignment, they will generally go away soon after—sometimes right away.


Electrostimulation/Celluma Light Therapy

Circulation is key for nutrient dispersion in your body. How do we increase your circulation? Through electrostimulation. There are various forms of electrical therapy, but all all seem to be effective with patients to some degree. We place electrodes on your skin and focus electrical therapy to the area of your body experiencing neuropathy symptoms. Over time, patients can get more feeling back to an area of their body and can heal easier from injuries.


Celluma light therapy is similar to electrostimulation, but it uses light instead of electricity in your treatment. This specific type of light therapy helps cellular regeneration and increases your body’s production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). You need ATP as fuel for your cells. This light therapy helps heal cells, increases energy and boosts circulation and tissue repair.


Nutritional Assessments and Treatment

Do you know how good your nutrition is? Many people think they are eating fairly healthy, when they are in fact deficient in many key nutrients. This is primarily due to an American diet that relies heavily on pre-packaged, on-the-go foods full of sugar and low in nutrients. We do full blood testing to see if you are deficient in key nutrients. Deficiencies can cause fatigue, neuropathy, immune system problems, headaches, dizziness, heartburn and more. Many patients find out that they have severe nutrient deficiencies after a nutritional assessment and are amazed to see their neuropathy symptoms disappear once they change to a balanced diet.


Light therapy at a physical therapy center

Solutions4 Medical Wraps

When it comes to neuropathy symptoms, you really want to keep track of what is happening to your body. Do you feel numbness or tingling? Or do you just have chronic pain in a limb? Numbness and tingling are some of the most common symptoms of neuropathy, and they are not good ones. If a nerve is damaged or compressed, it’s likely not getting enough oxygen or nutrients. Proper circulation all throughout your body is key for keeping all your organs and tissues healthy and to prevent the spread of neuropathy symptoms. That is why we focus heavily on improving circulation.


One of our services that boosts energy and circulation, while removing damaging toxins from the body is Solutions4 Medical-Grade Body Wrap. This is not an average body wrap, but one that is only found through a medical professional and only used in a medical facility, such as ours. Solutions4 Cardio Health Essentials wrap provides a therapeutic dose of L-Arginine, L-Citrulline and CoQ10 for blood vessel dilation. Healthy and ample doses of medical-grade niacin also help to dilate blood vessels. This helps speed up a person’s circulation, which brings more nutrients and feeling to an area plagued by neuropathy symptoms. Plus, your whole body will feel better, as Solutions4 can help rid it of harmful toxins that clog your system.


Help for Neuropathy Symptoms

No one wants to struggle with neuropathy. However, statistics show that millions of people in the United States will have neuropathy symptoms at some point or other. You don’t want to simply live with your symptoms, or you might have them worsen as the months and years pass. Plus, the cause of your neuropathy symptoms might simply be something you are doing wrong with your diet or lifestyle. If you notice neuropathy symptoms setting in, call Olathe Chiropractic today at (913) 732-0087 and get started on your customized healing plan!


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