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Can Dieting Make You Happier?

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More than 45 million Americans go on a diet each year. Many people don’t like the thought of dieting, nor the healthy eating it takes to reach weight goals. However, many people often feel better about their health and their appearance with dieting. Are you the kind of person that dreads dieting, but you want the results of dieting? Can you be happy while you diet and happier with the results you get? Find the answers to these questions and use our tips for losing the weight you want without solely focusing on diet restrictions!


Dieting Improves Your Overall Wellness

Many people realize that dieting can be amazing for your health. Not only can you lose weight, but you actually reduce your risk for chronic conditions and diseases. This is because many conditions have some sort of factor that has to do with your nutrition or your weight. Many chronic conditions get worse when a person is carrying around extra weight. The joints can deteriorate faster because of the added pressure placed on them, and the body becomes weighed down by fat cells it shouldn’t have.


When a person decides to diet, they are making a decision to improve their health in incredible ways such as:

  • A significantly lower risk of chronic health problems
  • Better sleep
  • Less joint pain (as mentioned)
  • Better skin that’s not saddled with oils and waste products from unhealthy foods
  • Less stress
  • Improved brain function, especially if done over time
  • Fewer illnesses because your body is getting the nutrients it needs
  • Fewer medications as your health improves
  • Less inflammation and swelling in your body, which can extend your life
  • Improved moods, as junk food and unhealthy substances aren’t affecting your body like they used to


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Dieting Improves Your Mental Health

Mood is what we want to focus on with dieting. Have you ever noticed how your friends who are dieting successfully seem to glow more and they’re happier even if they don’t love cutting out sweets sometimes? When you’re dieting, you’re working towards a goal that is hard, but one that makes you happier. Studies show that it’s not the act of dieting itself that makes people happy, but it’s the rewards they see from all their efforts. Dieting helps reach a specific goal, and because it is hard, it pushes you in ways you didn’t previously think of.


Studies show that people who struggle with depression can find relief from depressive symptoms if they are exercising often. In fact, exercise can work just as effectively as antidepressant medications in many cases. Stress is also a main factor in why people exercise, which can be a part of dieting. When people reach their goals and when they get endorphins (feel good hormones) from exercising, they experience less stress and a greater capacity to get things done.


Motivation improves and studies show that there is a positive shift in emotions that help people to feel more loved, supported and as if they belong. Honestly, the benefits of dieting and exercise are endless. The more you do that contributes to good health, the more benefits you can experience.


Adding In Exercise Increases Benefits

Many people find amazing success dieting by solely focusing on their nutrition. However, you can accelerate the weight loss results you see if you add in healthy exercise. What is “healthy exercise” you ask? The American Heart Association is just one of many health organizations that recommends that each person exercise to stay healthy. To improve cardiovascular health and to reduce the risk for chronic conditions, they recommend getting at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week. For vigorous exercise, it’s at least 75 minutes.


Moderate exercise is exercise that gets your heart pumping, your circulation going and your breathing faster. However, it’s nothing like training for a marathon or anything rigorous. Moderate exercise can be walking, swimming, doing deep cleaning around the house, playing with kids or even yoga. Running, dancing and activities that make you sweat much more (such as strength training), is usually more vigorous exercise.


When you couple exercise with dieting, you not only are eating lower-fat foods packed with nutrients, but you are also burning off more fat as you build muscle mass. Both exercise and dieting coupled together is what makes some of the best diets great for your body. People also find success with weight-loss aids such as body wraps, nutritional supplements, caffeine (in moderation) and services such as Laser-Like Lipo.


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Weight Loss Aids

It can be hard when you’re dieting and you skip a few days of exercising or eating well. For some people, they completely give up on their weight goals if they get off track. However, you can always get back on course! When you know you are going to be busy with work one week or you have vacations coming up, you can always get a weight-loss boost from professional services.


For example, we offer Laser-Like Lipo at our office that helps patients contour their bodies in a few minutes each session. This is a gentle, non-invasive laser treatment that uses breakthrough technology for fat reduction. For stubborn, localized fat areas on the body, we use our laser to gently “melt” fat and smooth those areas. Similar to how fat is burned through exercise, our laser can penetrate layers of the skin to help melt the fat away. The body then gets rid of it through the lymphatic and digestive systems.


This is a great treatment that can help patients keep up on their dieting goals when they are having busy weeks and only have a few minutes here and there. If you want to learn more about our weight-loss services and how you can improve your health and reach your goals, call Olathe Chiropractic today at (913) 732-0087!

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