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Chronic Fatigue or Simply Tired?

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March 12, 2018
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Do you feel like you are tired all the time or that your tiredness increases the older you get? It’s always smart to take a step back and look at your nutrition, your physical activity and your lifestyle. All of these can determine if you are tired or chronically fatigued. If so, this condition can stay with patients for a very long time without the right medical help. The best way to determine the cause of your tiredness or fatigue is to come in to our office and have yourself evaluated. We can help you know reasons you are tired and what you can do about them!


Are You Sleeping Enough?

Most people feel that they are tired at some point during the day. For many of those people, not getting enough sleep is the reason that they are so tired. Now, more than ever, people are juggling more demands than people did in decades fast. The first thing that many people cut out of their busy schedules is sleep, thinking that they can get by on less. However, your body needs sleep for a reason. This is your body’s time to recharge and to clean out all of your body systems that have worked all day.


When you sleep, your body removes toxins from your body—even from your brain—so that you can start a new day clean and fresh for what the day has in store. If you’ve skipped a night of rest, you will feel significantly different. Your brain may seem foggy, you will yawn often, feel fatigued, have trouble concentrating and more. You may even have headaches, body aches, mood problems and other abnormal symptoms. These are some basic guidelines for how much sleep you should be getting:

  • Teenagers: Between 8-10 hours a night
  • 18-25: Between 7-9 hours
  • Adults 26-64: Still between 7-9 hours
  • 65 and older: 7 or 8 hours

The younger a person is, the more sleep they need to function. Newborns sleep an average of 14-17 hours a day and young children just under that.


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Chronic Fatigue or Tiredness?

For most people, 8 hours of sleep will leave them feeling great. However, there are many people that can sleep 12 hours or more and still feel really tired. This is a sign of chronic fatigue. Fatigue is more of a general and pervasive lack of energy rather than an acute need for rest. Patients with chronic fatigue not only feel tired, but lack the energy to even do basic tasks. This is different than normal tiredness. When a person gets enough rest, they will wake up feeling refreshed and will feel like they can get through their day normally. However, someone with chronic fatigue may never feel like they feel rested.


A power nap can help most people have a boost of energy, but will do nothing for someone with chronic fatigue. If you are one of those people that never feels like you have energy, see if you have some of these symptoms associated with chronic fatigue:

  • Waking from a full night’s rest only to be tired
  • A lack of restfulness no matter how much sleep you get
  • Aches and pains in the joints or other parts of the body
  • Headaches or migraines
  • Memory loss or mental fogginess
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Unable to control your mood or emotions easily

When you are simply tired, you may have one of these symptoms, but they will go away. If you have chronic fatigue, you will have many of these symptoms daily, or more often than normal.


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Battling Fatigue

If you don’t have those symptoms, simply try getting more rest or taking power naps (20 minutes or less) throughout your day. If you do have these symptoms, your chronic fatigue won’t just go away on its own. Without help, you risk problems such as:

  • Relying on caffeine or becoming addicted to caffeine to function
  • Overworking yourself
  • Often becoming stressed out or overwhelmed
  • Drinking too much on a daily basis
  • Over-indulging in things such as sugar, which can lead to health problems

Your fatigue may be caused by a chronic condition or health problem such as a sickness, kidney disease, depression, heart problems or more. However, in many cases patients have small issues such as thyroid malfunction, a cold or flu, nutrient deficiencies, dehydration, electrolyte imbalances or medications that are causing their problems.


If you come into our office, we can run a full evaluation to determine the cause of your tiredness and if you have chronic fatigue. Once we know what we are dealing with, we can help you through:

  • Testing for food allergies or environmental sensitivities that cause fatigue
  • Exercises and stretching to release muscle tension and pain that drains your energy
  • Adjustments and spinal care from a chiropractor
  • Supplementation and diet plans to fix nutrient deficiencies

These simple, yet effective, treatments can help fix not only your chronic fatigue, but many other health problems as well.


Get Back Your Life

Chronic fatigue can stick around for weeks, months and even years without help. So don’t wait around to see if you’ll feel better one day! Invest in soothing therapies and treatments that will help you feel better now. Call Olathe Chiropractic at (913) 732-0087 and see what treatments we have that can help you feel energized today!

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