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Don’t Let the Holidays Spoil Your Diet!

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Do you want to lose prevent winter weight gain, but you know holiday parties are coming up? Many people start on diet and fitness plans, only to let one day or one meal unfoil all their goals. It’s common to indulge here and there, even if you are working towards a healthier body. Whether it’s motivation you seek, fat loss, better fitness or better nutrition, we can help you prevent that holiday bulge with these tips!


Cravings, Cravings, Cravings!

Have you ever set a diet goal and suddenly you remember that chocolate cake in your fridge? Do you feel like your cravings get more intense once you set your goals? This is actually a common phenomenon when it comes to dieting and fitness, and it has more to do with your brain than your body. Your cravings are regulated by your hormones. Your hormones regulate reactions in your body, and those reactions (like cravings) can become incredibly intense depending on how your brain’s pleasure and reward system works.


Have you ever thought long and hard about something you wanted to eat and the thought of eating the food was much better in your head than in reality? Your desire to eat is driven by the parts of your brain that regulate pleasure and reward. People may crave different foods, activities and actions much more than others because those actions have provided a sense of pleasure that your brain remembers. If a piece of cake has ever brought you feelings of happiness, your brain will remember that. The next time you see a piece of cake, your mind may trigger a craving, which causes your body to produce a higher level of dopamine. That dopamine many make it seem like you have to have something specific—like salty french fries or delicious pie—and you have to have it right then.


It’s not your stomach speaking to you, but the hormones coursing through your body. Some people indulge in eating what they craved, only to feel remorse afterwards or sadness. This can come from not keeping with goals you’ve set or from not feeling fulfillment from what you actually ate. The thought of eating something was probably greater than the taste of what you actually had. All of those feelings are triggered by dopamine, which heightens your perception of everything. However, dopamine doesn’t have to drive you to binge on your cravings, whether it be to food or unhealthy habits. Dopamine can drive your motivation as well.


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Motivation Is Key for the Holidays

The holiday season if full of parties, dinners, office events and more, all of which generally involve holiday treats. It can be incredibly hard at times to not indulge at every event you go to. However, you can stick to your diet and health goals if you:

  • Eat before you go to a party or get-together. If you’re stomach is full, you’ll snack less. Don’t skip meals before a holiday event or you’re more likely to binge.
  • Drink at least ½ your body weight in water each day. The more you drink, the more energy you’ll have, the faster your metabolism will run and the less you’ll indulge.
  • Be accountable to another. Have a friend help you monitor how much you are eating or drinking so you don’t go over your limit.
  • Keep treats out of sight If you can’t see them, you won’t have the dopamine response as often.
  • Opt for smaller plates. People tend to fill the plates they choose. Choose a smaller plate instead of a large one at home and when you’re away.
  • Rest more. If you get better sleep, you can control and regulate your hormones and your thoughts better for stronger motivation and resistance to cravings.
  • Eat slower so you fill up faster.
  • Boost your feelings of happiness and satisfaction by exercising, which reduces the amount of cravings you get.


A weight loss measuring tape that is in the shape of a Christmas tree that is next to a holiday Christmas bag holding a green apple.

Ways to Help Lose the Weight

Some years, you might give in to all the pleasures of the holidays, ending up 5 or 10 pounds heavier after winter than you planned. It happens to many, but it doesn’t have to be the end of reaching your goals. Studies show that the right diet and fitness plan can have you back to an amazing body in 12 weeks or less. Others can see a difference in just 2 weeks, but you have to focus on eating, battling the cravings and exercising. You can’t lose holiday weight or everyday weight without a focus on eating or exercising. However, you can accelerate your weight loss with healthy weight-loss aids and treatments.


Diet supplements are a great way to help curb cravings, especially if you have a hard time battling them. We have a wide array of diet supplements that focus on providing you with proper nutrition as well. When your body is getting healthier and stronger, it’s vital to make sure it’s getting all the nutrients it needs to rebuild your muscles and tissues. We help provide nutritional counseling to our patients based off of nutritional assessments they receive in-office. Those assessments will test the blood for deficiencies and health problems. We also test your body with gentle electricity to see where fat deposits lie so we can target those areas through fitness.


Fat Loss Help

We help patients with correct exercising techniques, eating and fitness goals, as well as fat-loss through Solutions4 Body Wraps and Laser-Like Lipo. Laser-Like Lipo is a non-invasive treatment to help target fat and “melt” it away so the body can remove it through the digestive and lymphatic systems. Our body wraps help improve your skin as they help contour and sculpt your body. There are many ways to lose weight or to avoid holiday weight gain. You will find the best results when you get help and motivation for your goals. Call Olathe Chiropractic today at (913) 732-0087 and see what we can do to help you get the body you want!

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