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Get In Shape After Pregnancy

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May 16, 2018
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Millions of babies are born each year, and parents are left with a new bundle of joy. However, for many women, they are also left with baby weight for a long time afterwards. Some women never lose the baby weight, as it seems to stick around more than normal weight. Eating right, getting enough vitamins and minerals and exercising properly can help you get in shape after pregnancy. However, those last 10 pounds are alway so hard to get rid of! We have services for people who are trying to lose the stubborn pounds, and that includes women recovering from pregnancy. Get in shape after pregnancy with our help!


Make Exercise a Part of Your Life

Pregnancy brings many changes to a woman’s baby, many of which they would never expect. Increased hormones in the body can make women swell and gain weight. Hormones can also change how you feel, think and the mood and energy levels you have. However, pregnancy can also be quite a fun time for women, especially if they stay healthy during those 9 months. Exercise is an incredible way to stay in shape even as you gain healthy pregnancy pounds. Start an exercise routine before you get pregnant and speak with your medical professional at the start of your pregnancy to make sure your exercise is healthy and won’t damage your pregnancy.


You never want to do an extreme exercise plan during pregnancy. Pregnant women should have moderate amounts of exercise to help them with back pain, swelling, aches and pains all over, and to avoid excessive weight gain. Exercise can also help pregnant woman have a reduced risk for gestational diabetes, plus an easier labor and delivery. You’ll feel happier, healthier and stronger if you perform healthy exercise during pregnancy.


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When You Can’t Exercise

Not all women will be able to jump up and start running marathons after birth. Healing can take a while, especially if it’s your first pregnancy. It’s the first time your body has done birth, so it’s not used to all the changes that happen before, during and after. There are gentle ways that you can get in shape after pregnancy. Those include:

  • Natural Healing. You can’t get in shape if you are still recovering. Warm sitz baths with epsom salt, 2 or more times a day can help heal your delivery muscles.
  • Massage Therapy. Massage can help remove swelling and water retention that can stick around after pregnancy. A professional can customize massage to your needs and can help relieve aches and pains.
  • Non-Narcotic Pain Management. Medicine they give you in the hospital can work great, but it can cause constipation. You don’t want to worry about that after you already used your sore muscles to push out a baby. Over-the-counter pain medications can help without causing negative side effects.
  • Vibration Therapy: People recovering from injuries and athletes often use vibration machines to keep muscles strong. This machine requires a patient to stand on it, and it sends countless vibrations through your muscles. Those muscles contract and relax dozens of times per second. After 5-7 minutes, your muscles have received a full workout.
  • Medical Weight-Loss. Those last 10 pounds are so hard to lose, especially in the thighs, hips, stomach and back. Laser-Like Lipo is a medical weight-loss treatment that uses laser-light to gently melt fat in problem areas. In a session (less than an hour), we can use laser light to help burn fat, that is then removed by the lymphatic and digestive system. This treatment targets fat much like exercise does, and is a great way to get in shape when you can’t exercise, or exercise much.


Proper Nutrition Is Key

Eating right is key for your body all throughout your life. It is especially important during a pregnancy, as your growing baby gets everything that you put into your mouth. Not only do you want to eat right during pregnancy, but you also want to afterwards. Your nutrition is key if you want to get in shape quickly while still getting all the nutrients you need. Dieting too much or the wrong way after you give birth can quickly dry up your milk supply, which many mothers don’t want.


Most people don’t know if they are getting all the nutrients their body needs. Nutrients also come from you to your baby if you breastfeed. We can perform nutritional assessments on your body through gentle electricity tests and full blood testing. This can help us to know if you are deficient in nutrients that you and your baby both need for recovery and growth. Proper nutrition can also help you lose fat you gained during pregnancy and can help you get in shape much quicker than those who don’t focus on a good diet. All of our patients can receive customized diet and nutrition plans based off of their nutritional assessments.


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Help With Injuries and Bounce-Back

After having a baby, the last thing you even want to think of is working out. Some women recover from labor and delivery quickly, while others take weeks and months to heal. It all depends on your genetics and how active and healthy your lifestyle was before and during pregnancy. If you want a faster bounce-back after delivery, start exercising and eating right before you even get pregnant. For most people, they don’t even think about getting in shape until after a child is born.


Enlisting professional help can get you back to where you want to be quicker and stronger. After all, professional help is what gets celebrities back in shape so quickly. You can have that fast recovery as well! Whether you are recovering from delivery or you are ready to jump-start an exercise plan, natural therapies can help you get in shape once more. To see all of our therapies and plans that can help you get in shape after pregnancy, call Olathe Chiropractic today at (913) 732-0087!

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