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Holistic Healing without Narcotics

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Some medical professionals treat a patient’s symptoms without actually treating the root cause of the problem. Although this treatment can be very beneficial for some, it can still leave patients with health problem for years. Taking a holistic healing approach is better and seeks to treat the cause itself. It focuses on a patient’s physical well-being as well as their mental and emotional overall wellness. Learn why this is better than seeking narcotics for pain relief!


Common Methods for Healing and Pain Relief

Did you know that chronic pain is the number one reason that people visit hospitals each year? Pain is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong and needs attention. That chronic pain can stem from acute injuries from sports or car accidents, or it can come on over time from chronic conditions, nutritional issues and degeneration due to age. Over 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain and it’s a characteristic of countless conditions, diseases and ailments. Studies show that at least $600 billion dollars are spent on medical treatments for pain each year.


The National Institutes of Health (NIH) report that over 25.3 million Americans are in chronic pain on a daily basis. “Chronic pain” is pain that is intense and that lasts for more than 3 months at a time. Your body heals rather quickly, so if you’re experiencing chronic pain after that amount of time, there is a chronic condition that needs to be addressed. The NIH study showed that those not in “chronic” pain daily, but in “a lot” of pain, consist of another 23.4 million. That doesn’t include patients who sustain sudden injuries. What do patients generally do for this pain? They take pain medication.


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The Narcotic Problem

Many of those treatments in hospitals will consist of opioids or narcotic pain medications, which bring their own problems. These can mask symptoms of pain, but do not actually get to the core problem of what is causing a patient pain. These medications—even if prescribed—can be taken for years to mask pain, but they can actually lead to a worse quality-of-life if used for long periods of time. The most commonly used medications are opioids and narcotics. These terms are used interchangeably, when they are actually the same type of medication.


Opioids and opiates all stem from the poppy plant with ingredients added in to curb pain. A popular opioid is heroin, which is known as a dangerous drug. You will also hear the term “narcotic”, which is the same thing as opiates and opioids. All of these medications are great for pain when it comes to surgery or a very chronic injury. However, that is only for a few days or for the time period they are absolutely needed. After that window, you leave yourself open to addiction that you may not be able to break. These drugs work on the same receptors in your brain to give you a high and to mask your pain. They can be addictive with the first use and can kill you if used wrong.


Studies show that about 116 deaths happen every day due to opioid addictions. It’s estimated that between 26.4 million and 36 million people worldwide abuse opioids, including prescription painkillers. The number of deaths from accidental overdoses of prescription medications has quadrupled since 1999, and the numbers continue to rise. It’s not worth the risk to take these medications, when the problem isn’t actually being treated.


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Holistic Healing: What Is It?

Your body has an amazing capability of healing itself after injury. It will even fight back against chronic conditions or diseases that plague you for life. The body fighting back against these attacks is how people can live years—even decades—with a chronic condition. But, why live with those conditions for years?


We offer holistic healing to our patients at our office. Holistic healing methods are ones that seek to treat a patient physically as well as treating them emotionally, mentally and spiritually at the same time. Not only will holistic healing find the cause of an ailment, but the holistic healing method will seek to cure the problem causing you chronic pain and symptoms. Essentially, instead of simply providing pain medications, holistic healing will find a problem, and use therapy, nutrition, counselors and natural pain relievers to remedy the problem. There’s no surgery involved and no risk for addiction.


What Methods Do We Use?

  • Chiropractic Care – We incorporate traditional hands-on chiropractic treatments and state-of-the-art technology to boost your body’s inherent recuperative abilities. We realign your body using gentle manipulations and adjustments to your body’s muscular, nervous and skeletal system. This helps reduce problems from subluxations, slipped discs and vertebral misalignment.
  • Neuropathy Treatment – Many patients have damaged nerves that cause neuropathy symptoms such as numbness and tingling. Our neuropathy treatments seek to help circulation, nutrient flow and more to aid damaged nerves.
  • Nutritional Assessment – Nutritional deficiencies could be the cause of many symptoms and ailments. We can assess your current dietary regimen and discover what nutrients you’re not getting enough of. This assessment involves simple tests and changes to your diet, but the results can completely change your life!
  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation – When a muscle or bone is injured, patients need to undergo careful stretching and training as it heals. We provide you professional training to heal your body as quickly as possible.
  • Vibration Exercises and Rehabilitation – With whole-body vibration, you stand, sit or lie on a machine that sends dozens of muscle-toning vibrations throughout your body. These vibrations speed healing to an injury, reverse muscle atrophy and strengthen the body in just a few minutes.
  • Posture Rehabilitation and Balance Training – Muscles need the correct strength and balance to support your skeletal system and joints. We help you have better posture, alignment and increased strength to combat fatigue, muscle weakness and other problems.

If you are interested in seeing what holistic healing can do to heal your body, call Olathe Chiropractic today at (913) 732-0087!

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