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Injury Prevention and Improved Performance with Chiropractic Therapy

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Image of a woman's spine that is out of alignment and causing her pain and then her straight spine that has been aligned correctly.

Many patients see a chiropractor for chiropractic therapy when they are having back or neck problems. However, chiropractic therapy isn’t just for people who are injured or have chronic conditions. The body works best when it is in proper alignment. Over time, however, the alignment of the body slowly starts to shift out of place. That can cause an athlete’s performance to dwindle and can lead to injuries. Consistent chiropractic adjustments and therapy services can help you avoid injuries and improve your performance over time. Find out how!


Problems and Injuries with the Back

Back pain is a common symptom of everything from the flu to birth defects. Irritation to the back and spine can happen when your posture is bad or if you have a chronic condition. Often, patients can sustain injuries from contact sports, falls, trips, slips, car accidents and traumatic events. These events can break or tear parts of your back and spine, leaving you with injuries. Other common problems to the back include:

  • Degenerative disc diseases such as arthritis or osteoarthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Nerve compression or herniated discs from uneven back pressure
  • Wear and tear on the back and spine from running, jumping and moving
  • Scoliosis
  • Improper posture, especially over time
  • Excess stress on the joints, such as improper lifting and turning
  • Weakening back muscles and tissues from a sedentary lifestyle
  • Over-exertion with exercising, sports or physical labor, which damages tissues and nerves.


When you’ve injured your back, you’ll feel symptoms such as:

  • Stiffness along the spine or in the muscles surrounding it
  • Chronic pain, especially in the lower back, where back pain is the most common
  • Pain that worsens or even improves with exercise
  • Pain that is worse or better after resting
  • Pops, cracks and other noises or sensations when you move after resting
  • Spasms throughout the back that make it hard to sit, stand or even lie down
  • Numbness, loss of range-of-motion, tingling and abnormal sensations that weren’t there previously.
  • Inflammation centered in the lower back (lumbar spine), neck or mid-back regions


Man with neck and upper back pain that is holding the back of his head with both hands because he is in pain.


What Is Chiropractic Therapy?

The best way to prevent back injuries from happening is to make sure you are strengthening your back. You can do this through investing your time in back-strengthening exercises that can make your muscles more resistant to injuries. Moderate exercise done with the right posture can help prevent many back injuries from happening. A sedentary lifestyle can quickly lead to injuries when you try to do something active, as you are suddenly using muscles and tissues that don’t get a lot of stimulation.


You may also have poor posture that is slowly displacing your back over time. This can lead to a build-up in pressure at various places in your back, which raises your risk of injuring an area of your back. Chiropractic therapy is a way that we can check the alignment of your spine and neck to ensure that you have even pressure throughout your back. We can make sure the vertebrae are aligned, that you don’t have built-up knots of pressure in muscles that can lead to injury, and that you don’t currently have an undetected injury that can get worse.


How Can It Help Injury Prevention?

Chiropractic therapy is a service where we use gentle manipulations to pop areas of the back and spine back into place, balancing out the pressure your back gets on a daily basis. When you have pressure even throughout your back, you won’t have an area that is weakened over time. Weak areas are the ones that can become injured, even with simple turning movements. With conditions such as arthritis, we can pinpoint areas that are starting to hurt and wear away. As those areas are found, we can continually provide chiropractic therapy to relieve pressure, pain and inflammation so the joints don’t wear down quicker.


For athletes, it’s always a good idea to have chiropractic therapy adjustments at least each season. Training for sports and through exercise can slowly displace joints and add uneven pressure in the body. When you have your back adjusted, that pressure is constantly being broken up, which prevents injuries.


Young adult woman that is having chiropractic therapy to realign her body.

How Can It Help Improve Performance?

Studies also show that people can move better when their body follows the natural, straight alignment it was meant to have. In fact, spinal misalignment is one of the main reasons sports and exercise injuries happen. When you prevent those injuries with chiropractic therapy Adjustments, you can continue training and performing each season without injuries that would take away the training you’ve already done. Runners are especially susceptible to injuries because the same joints and tissues are being used each day, which can lead to wear and tear on the body.


That wear and tear is often the reason why so many runners have knee and hip problems in the future. Build-up pressure wears joints and cartilage down quicker, especially if uneven pressure is wearing away certain joints more than others. Consistent chiropractic therapy throughout the year can easily even out pressure, extending the amount of years you can perform. When patients feel pain, an adjustment can take away that pain when the body is realigned, and inflammation, pressure and neuropathy problems dissipate.


Give Yourself the Gift of Chiropractic Therapy

Chiropractic therapy seeks to keep your spine, back and joints aligned properly so that pressure stays even throughout your back and body. Even pressure ensures joints and tissues don’t wear away and become injured quickly, and your body stays stronger and better able to perform. Consistent chiropractic therapy can remove pressure, inflammation and damage to areas of the body that would otherwise happen, taking you away from sports, exercising and even daily tasks you must perform. Whether you need chiropractic therapy to prevent injuries, help heal them, or to improve your performance, you can call Olathe Chiropractic today at (913) 732-0087!


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