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Tips to Slow Down Aging

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The older you get, the more you think about your health and your age. Many people wish they could look younger and feel younger. You can slow down aging through eating better, exercising, hydrating more, receiving therapies and getting customized help from a professional. Instead of using creams and “miracle treatments” to try to slow down your aging, do it with us through effective, rejuvenating therapies and counseling!


Your Aging Body

Did you know that the world is progressively aging? The life expectancy is increasing all over the world, which leads to people reaching higher ages than they did before. That’s great news for the people of the world! Not so great news? The National Council on Aging reports that at least 80% of older adults have at least one if not more chronic conditions. 77% have 2 or more.


Chronic conditions seem to simply come with age, as the body has been through many years of wear and tear. However, how well you take care of your body will indicate how high your risk is for chronic conditions in the future. Your diet, exercise, and lifestyle habits will also determine if you live long or not. Luckily, you can live longer and slow down aging by focusing on diet, exercise and your body’s overall health.


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Does Diet and Exercise Really Matter?

Having a good diet is not something people should have just to lose weight. The body was not meant to thrive on fast food, processed meals, sugary snacks and sodas. Your body needs fat, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and water every day to thrive. You need specific amounts of all of those and all the vitamins and minerals (like calcium, zinc, and vitamin B) for your body tissues to stay healthy.


When you get proper nutrients from a healthy diet, your cells have what they need to repair tissues and renew them constantly. You can keep skin healthier, free of wrinkles longer, and slow down aging as you get healthier. Start cutting out sugar-packed foods from your life. Switch to drinking water instead of soda, alcohol or juice. Add in several servings of green vegetables and colorful fruits into your day. Stay hydrated so your skin and tissues stay lubricated, so they can be younger for longer. Diet really does matter if you want to slow down aging.


Exercise is no less important. It keeps your circulation going, which continually renews your cells and brings nutrients to all the tissues that need it. Plus, exercise gets rid of all the waste, toxins and extra fat you don’t want bogging down your system. Those who diet and exercise well can generally expect to live longer with a significantly reduced risk of chronic diseases.


Dealing with Chronic Conditions

When it comes to aging, chronic conditions just happen! You may have one or more conditions because of your genetics, as many conditions and diseases run in families. If this is you, there are always therapies and medical treatments that can help you to naturally deal with aging changes. Here are some facts we do know about chronic conditions:

  • With limited mobility and the presence of chronic conditions, older adults fall more often, which is why falls are the leading cause fractures, trauma injuries and death in senior citizens.
  • 23% of Americans over age 60 have or develop diabetes, which can affect lifespan.
  • Hypertension and high blood pressure is 90% more likely in people over 55 if they aren’t taking care of their health.
  • Skin naturally wrinkles, weight gain begins to happen (generally around the belly, thighs and legs), and the body doesn’t move as well as it used to.
  • The amount of people developing arthritis increases after age 40, and can significantly worsen without treatment.


With so many people at risk for or dealing with chronic conditions, there has to be something to do about it. This is why chiropractic rehabilitation exists. Services found at chiropractic centers are meant to improve diet, decrease symptoms and causes of chronic conditions, and slow down aging.


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Slow Down Aging In Simple Ways

Want to slow down aging? Make some simple changes in your life:

  • Monitor your diet. Get a nutritional assessment that tests your blood for nutrient deficiencies. Then, have our counselor help you with your diet so you get what your body needs to stay healthier, longer.
  • Exercise! No matter your age or condition, there is some form of exercise you can do. The American Heart Association recommends getting at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week. Use that as a baseline and do even more than that if you can. Do vibration therapy if you can’t exercise the traditional way.
  • See a chiropractor and therapist to keep your body healthy. A chiropractor can make sure all your body’s limbs and the spine are properly aligned so you don’t have premature wear and tear on your body. Services offered at these facilities all focus on diet, exercise, rapid healing and living longer.
  • Drink water. You need to drink at least half your body weight in ounces every single day if you want to stay hydrated for your body to work properly and to have younger skin.
  • Cut out the sugar. It leads to diabetes, chronic conditions, obesity, problems with your skin, your teeth and more. Check labels and stick to natural foods that are low in sugar.
  • Don’t live with small low-grade problems. Get professional help for small symptoms or problems so they never become large enough to affect your health in the long run.


If you want to slow down aging through diet, exercise or therapies that can lengthen your life, call Olathe Chiropractic today at (913) 732-0087 and see what we can do for you!


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