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Treat Skin, Muscles and Joints with Celluma Light Therapy

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Woman receiving light therapy on her face

Want to have help for your skin, muscle or joint problems without invasive procedures like surgery? Try Celluma Light Therapy! Featured in Skin, Inc., Celluma Light Therapy is an FDA-cleared product that effectively treats acne, wrinkles, joint pain, muscle pain and muscle spasms. This therapy is safe for both clinical and home use for patients. Celluma Light Therapy is designed to treat a wide range of skin, muscle and joint conditions. This comes with the benefit of multiple hand-held devices in a single light panel with a significantly larger in-treatment area.


Natural Healing and Pain Management

At Olathe Chiropractic, we specialize in natural healing methods and natural forms of making your body stronger and better. In modern times, too many people turn towards invasive procedures and risky medications to find relief or change from chronic conditions or problems with the body. Many of our services focus on natural healing therapies to help decrease pain and symptoms of chronic conditions. Examples of these therapies include chiropractic care, neuropathy treatment, physical therapy, balance training, vibration exercises and more.


Everybody wants to have a healthy and strong body so that they can live longer and better. However, countless conditions leave people with skin, muscle and joint problems that negatively impact their way of life. For example, take a look at these statistics:

  • There are over 100 types of arthritis, all of which damage a person’s joints in some way.
  • Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, are the most common joint arthritis conditions, which affects 27 million and 1.5 million Americans.
  • There are over 650 muscles in the human body, all of which are susceptible to damage and disease. There are countless types of muscle diseases, such as the ones found here.
  • There are over 40 different types of skin diseases or conditions including acne, dermatitis and melanoma.

Many people seek out invasive or risky procedures to cure their conditions, which can actually lead to more serious health problems. No matter your health condition or situation, you always want to seek out natural therapies and treatments first so that your health is not at risk.


Image of a woman with several close-ups on her face where wrinkles used to be

Treating Skin with Celluma Light Therapy

Did you know that light therapy can significantly help many health problems without the risk of addiction, invasive procedures or further health damage? Years of research and testing has found that LED light therapy can have significant health benefits for people, especially when it comes to the skin, muscles and joints. Light from the sun (in healthy doses) can provide people with much-needed vitamin D. Infrared light from infrared saunas can help open up the cells in the human body to remove toxins and waste products. Celluma Light Therapy can help decrease damage that comes from skin, muscle and joint conditions.


For the skin, Celluma helps in several areas:

  • Acne: You get acne when bacteria builds up in your pores. Your skin can become red, inflamed and can fill with pus to protect areas of damage. Much like an infrared sauna, Celluma is able to open up pores to kill bacteria and to release harmful toxins. It can help close up the pores once more, and cleaner, healthier pores shrink in size. Patients who use Celluma Light Therapy find fresher, clearer skin by using this therapy twice a week.
  • Anti-Aging: Light rays flow on various wavelengths that carry energy. You get burned from the sun because of intense light energy that is hitting your skin for too long. However, LED light rays also carry beneficial qualities on their wavelengths. LEDs stimulate fibroblasts in your skin to increase your collagen and elastin production. With treatments a couple times a week, you can see a decrease in fine lines and wrinkles as collagen and elastin production increases.


Woman receiving light therapy on her face

Muscle and Joint Rehabilitation

Celluma Light Therapy works to help your skin, muscles and joints on a cellular level. Infrared LED light rays penetrate your skin, muscles or joints, and stimulates the cells within them. Stimulation through light wavelengths can specifically help open up cells to rid you of harmful toxins that cause inflammation. The release of those toxins naturally help relieve inflammation, even in the muscles or joints. This is especially beneficial to muscles that are damaged through injury or overuse, as they can become inflamed and retain painful fluids. Light therapy can reduce that inflammation, allowing your muscles to heal properly.


Millions of people in the United States struggle with painful inflammation in their joints because of arthritis. Just as infrared LED light penetrates the muscles, it can also penetrate the joints and the surrounding cells, helping them to let go of fluid retention. This light reduces inflammation caused by damage and fluid buildup, helping patients feel more soothing relief. Plus, light and heat naturally stimulate increased circulation, which provides oxygen-rich and nutrient-dense blood more frequently to damaged areas of the body.


Your Celluma Consultation

Light and heat therapies have amazing benefits for the body. We love incorporating these types of therapies into our center, because they not only help our patients, but they help them avoid invasive procedures. Celluma light therapy is amazing for helping our patients with skin, muscle and joint problems. If you have problems that fall into these categories, don’t keep living with your pain and symptoms! Call Olathe Chiropractic today at (913) 732-0087 and see what Celluma Light Therapy can do for you!


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